living your life!

For now, to reveal a tip of the iceberg;

Everyone has a few base convictions, deep base beliefs, which determine how we live, why we live, from which viewpoint we live and what we perceive to be our goal in life. We might not even view them as 'beliefs', but as 'reality' ('this is how life works...').
Example from my sessions: a man came by for a session. He wanted very badly to become a father, but he and his wife did not manage to create a pregnancy together. Kinesiology (the language of the body) told him, that he subconsciously felt men were incapable of carying responsibility. This appeared to be a deeprooted and totally subconscious base conviction.
These base beliefs give shape to our life.

This 'giving shape' can be taken literally. The literal events, experiences, feelings about the experiences, it all comes from your belief system.
The man from the example received, after a gp visit, the diagnose 'infertility'. He had to make a choice to start on an infertility project through the hospital, or not. After he changed his base conviction about responsibility (among many other convictions we came across), he decided to await the result of this first. 3 Months later he and his wife were pregnant. Not to mention the fact the change of this base conviciton had changed other parts of his life as wel. For instance the way he handled friendships, the relationship with his wife, the way he handled stress, etc.

In this retreat we are going to look at your base convictions, your belief system. 
'Does your world view, your base convictions, provide you with the life you want?' Is the next question.
You will discover that much of what has happened in your life has been pushed into reality by these convictions.
The next step can be to change these convictions and/or take new ones on , which will completely change your life, like in the example of the man. He had many reasons to hold on to his subconscious beliefs. He was afraid of becoming like his father, who disappeared from his life when he was 3 years old, for example. And many other convictions, which were connected to this one and kept him from changing in this area.

So how to change it anyway? We use the following tools:

The retreat contains, amongst other tools, thetahealing and kinesiologie (learn in a group) and receive a healing (in a individual session), learn guided meditation and energy healing (in the group) and receive it (in a session) and a whole lot more.

There are many techniques and ways that we are familiar with and depending on the group and the need of the individual (which we hope to get clear by sending you list of questions on receiving your application) we adjust these, using our intuition, experience and insight.


The goal is to look deeply, this week, at the things that stop you from moving further, recognise the repetitive patterns of the layers from which you work against yourself and heal these in the -for you- most fitting way, so that you can truly 'live your life'!

Your personal space of consciousness will also become more extended: I always see this as our personal 'container', of which we know all the walls, the floor and the ceiling and which has to be thrown apart several times in our life, to enable us to grow. After a profound experience our container has expanded and is able to hold more of reality (and illusion). This falling apart -and the creation of a new, expanded container - is necessery to really grow. However hard it may be to let go of your familiar -but confined-  space. This is why every real change takes a bit of courage.

By the end of the week you will absolutely have gone through a profound change. If only because of the being with others and the common goal of growing and the energy this creates and attracts. The tools we use during this week, can help you continue this growth after the retreat.