Profound retreats

Because of increasing demand, we have decided to add to our collection several fully catered retreats. Thank you for all the feedback. Under here the new collection:

There is a choice of 5 different kinds of (all-in) retreats:
- Relationship retreats (from € 595,- per 2 p)
- Pregnancy retreats (from € 450,- pp)
- Family retreats (from €  695,- per 4 p) 

- Private retreats (from € 450,- pp)
- Group retreats (from € 695,- pp)
(more info below).

These retreats take place in the South of Spain. 
Keep in mind that these are very intensive retreats, where everything is changed on many different levels which can cause transformations.

This is the first year we offer these retreats. For reviews on my earlier work, follow this link.

relationship retreats

Relationships go up and down. There are times of a good 'click', a good flow and their are times of almost continual annoyance and irritation towards each other. We've all been there and we can call this 'normal'. Still it is possible to be able to self-regulate these times or annoyance, instead of seeming to be 'subjected' to them. 
In this 2-person, all-in, retreat, you will learn 'how'.
Even when you are really in a relationship breach together and it is all a complete mess, but you are still motivated to come back to each other, this retreat is also very fitting.

Despite the fact the retreat is a minimum of 4 days, the rest is self managable: longer ( 1 week is ideal), what data (depending on availability), which session times, etc. Often there are underlying patterns to discover. The understanding of these patterns and the change of these patterns, takes time. Insights and changes usually start when puzzle pieces come together (around the 3d day).
There will be 'together' sessions and 'one on one' sessions. A combination of techniques will be taught, so you can continue working with this at home.

I am very focused on making sure you receive the tools and insights to continue your change and growth and am not in favor of long term therapies or dependence on therapists. In the time we spend with the 3 of us, we will work not only on gaining insights and transformation, but also on 'unlearning' the internal programs that keep you seperate from your own truths and solutions. This last program is the cause of people falling back into old ways after retreats, therapies and healings. To prevent this, a big part of our time will go into this.

More information on practical matters like pricing, accommodation and meals.
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pregnancy retreats

As a previous midwife I still get regular requests for help or advice. For instance to look at what keeps someone from experiencing a nice pregnancy, or an autonomous, free birth. This, because I have been focused for years on changing the health care system, to serve autonomous women better. I also followed the wishes of my own clients completely.  

For this reason I started giving pregnancy retreats. These can be given individually or in groups (when there are enough requests).

In these retreats you can decide for yourself what you find important to transform, hear or learn.
For instance; making contact with your baby in several different ways, looking at the programs that prevent you from birthing autonomously, learning meditation techniques and lessons in clearvoyance, are all possible. More about all this through this link.

More information on practical matters like pricing, accommodation and meals.
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family retreats

Within a family difficult situations can arise, like; 
- one of the children seems to be always blocking everything and thereby influencing the whole athmosphere, or;
- there is always struggle between one of the children and one of the parents, or;
- many other kinds of situations.
Always enough triggers within a family situation.

When you can see, acknowledge accept and transform the family issues, every relationship in your life will be easier. You could even say that you meet your family members in all your relationships with others. Old patterns keep repeating. Most patterns within your current family setting will have their origin in the family you (or your partner) used to live in, with your parents and they with their parents.
Time to get clarity? To see, acknowledge, accept and transform stuck patterns? Come to a family retreat (all-in, 4 p.). Depending on the situation (and when asked or required) one or more people from within my own family can be asked to join.
We will also work on teaching some techniques that will make it easier to prevent a fall back into old habits after the retreat.
Depending on the age of the children and the weather we have physical activities that we use (e.g. building a pizza oven, learning how to shoot with bow and arrow, etc)
These retreats can be planned by you and your family in terms of when (availability is a factor in this of course), how long (minimally 4 days) and how often and when the sessions take place.


More information on practical matters like pricing, accommodation and meals.
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These mini-weekend retreats run from Fridays till Mondays (Friday arrival day and Monday time-to-leave-day). They are suitable for 1 (or maximum 2 people, if you like to bring someone along) person. 



This 'restful retreat' consists of the following;

  • Joint meditation and learning a form of body meditation you can practically apply in your everyday life. 
  • Coaching (with talks, thetahealing sessions, body work, see this link for more info.)
  • Small pieces of holiday for you to organise; a beach visit, a beautiful walk -we can point you in the best direction. 
  • Afternoons, after lunch and before diner, are suited for this 'holiday time'. Mornings and evenings are meant for coachings sessions and/or meditations. The first session starts Friday evening and the last session takes place on Mondaymorning.


More information on practical matters like pricing, accommodation and meals.
For more info, email us.