Profound retreats are about going deep, being committed to yourself and what you are willing to 'see' of yourself. We are fully committed to 'see' you in this; to support, guide and inspire you.

Retreats in the South of Spain are all about relaxing, visiting the beach, eating great food and of course; site- seeing! But also about; doing groupwork, individual work and meditating.
Our land is the perfect place for this (20 minutes drive from the coast and 20 minutes drive from Granada town) because of its beauty, its tranquility and its extensive views.

The goal of these retreats is to provide relaxation and a growing consciousness/more insight. After a retreat one should feel deeply peaceful and charged at the same time as well as have a much clearer view on the 'self' and an expanded consciousness.  

There are several staff members in the retreats. People with their own 'specialisations'. At the anouncement of a retreat the information about who will work there, will be added through this link. If they speak another language, English will be the main language used.

Meals are all included, from the dinner at the arrival on Saturday, until the departure breakfast on Sunday the 4th of October.

Meals include breakfast, lunch and dinner and morning, afternoon and evening snacks. Beverages include coffee, (herbal)tea, water, lemonade, fruit juices and wine (1 glas per evening included). All meals will be (as much as possible) organic and vegetarian (in the direction of vegan) based.
Any sensitivities or allergies are taken into account.
Meals are organised and prepared by Eric Kemna together with staf members.

Accommodation takes place in simple, furnished, glamping-like tents or a caravans, for individual use. Each accommodation contains one bed, blanket(s), pillow and clean linen +towels. The first people to book will be able to choose which kind of accommodation they like best (first comes, first served...!). 
With the individual or 'together' sessions, like with relationship retreats, family retreats, pregnancy retreats and restful retreats, sleeping and sessions take place in the 6.5 mtr diameter yurt. More about the yurt through this link.

Blanket, bed, pillow, linen, towels, common compost toilet, common shower and washing basins, electricity, wtaer and internet, are all included with the tents/caravans. In case of sleeping in the yurt; the toilet and shower are for private use and there is an inside and outside kitchen.

Prices (prices are all-in)
Relationship retreat, minimum 4 days/3 nights, 2 people, € 595,-. Prices for (an) extra day(s), contact us.
Pregnancy retreat, minimum 4 days/3 nights, 1 person, € 450,-. Prices for (an) extra day(s), contact us. 

Family retreat, minimum 4 days/3 nights, 4 people, € 695,-. Prices for (an) extra day(s), contact us. 

Mini weekend retreat, Friday evening till Mondaymorning, 1 person, € 450,-. Prices for (an) extra day(s) or other days, contact us. 

Group retreats will always have a clearly written price at the retreat information. The planned group retreat from september 27th till October 3d is 1 week, all in and is € 695,- per person.
With all retreats there is an initial payment of 50% with the booking. In case of Corona or lockdown, a full restitution will take place.

Retreats have theme's. Examples of a theme can be:

  • 'loving yourself retreat'. With this kind of retreat everything is focused on getting into a good relationship with yourself (and therefore with others) within 2 weeks.
  • A 'relationship retreat', in which we work with couples to improve their relationship during at least 4 days.
  • 'Detox retreat'. During this week long retreat all is focused on purifying the mind and body.
  • A 'meditation retreat', in which you learn several meditation techniques in a weekend. 
  • A 'live your life retreat', aimed at exploring and healing parts of your self.
  • A retsful retreat. The name speaks for itself; taking some holiday breaks in between some sessions to restore your connection with yourself.
  • Pregnancy retreat.
  • Family retreat, to find connection again, see through patterns and transform them.

In actual fact; all retreats are 1 retreat. This because every retreat has the same purpose; to help you achieve a better relationship with yourself (and therefore with others), get more insights in who you are and how you function and to be able to change that which you wish to change in yourself (and thereby in your life).

An example day of a retreat day can look like this:

Rise at 8 am and at 9 am a delicious breakfast will be ready. After breakfast it could be time for group work or individual sessions (depending on the kind of retreat).

Examples of group work; a morning non-violent communication or a morning sharing together or a morning bodywork of many possibilities, depending on the theme of the retreat and the specialty of the staff members. In case of individual or 'together' retretas the following techniques can be used; meditation, clearvoyance, thetahealing, etc.

There is always a half hour break in the mornings and afternoons with some refreshments and bites.

At 1 pm lunch is served. Following lunch, there will be -in the group retreats- some low key activity, like a walk, yoga, stretching, etc, to get out of the head and into the body. In the other retreats the afternoon could be free or have a holiday trip. After this, sessions start again. Between 6pm and 7 pm is evening meal time with a mouthwatering dinner. 

In the evening , with a group retreat, there will be a joined activity around a campfire with a glass of wine (or something else) that will include the theme we worked on during the day. In the other retreats, some sessions could take place again.

At the start of the weekend/week/2-weeks of the group retreats, you receive a schedule on which you can find the times your individual sessions are planned (and also be able to view the rest of the program).

An individual session can consist of thetahealing, meditating together, bodyscan method, creative work, bodywork, working with horses, etc, depending on the staff member who provides the session.  All kinds of methods can be used.

There will also be a site seeing planned during the week.


Before a retreat starts you will have received an email with -among others- the following question; is there anything specific (an issue, a question, a circumstance in your life) you would like to work on, in yourself? The answer you give will be taken into account by all staff members to make sure you get the space to work on it and you get full support, so you can actually work through it.


We guarantee a safe environment to share and be able to be vulnerable.

It is possible that we make an adjustment to the program during the retreat, if it seems that that will increase the effectiveness of the retreat.


How to get here; we are in Pinos del Valle, near Durcal, a 40 minutes drive from Granada centre and a 1.5 hour drive from Malaga airport. For shuttle service from and to the airport, or cheap car rental, contact us.

For more information, email us on retreat@profoundretreats. com