counselling and more


A face-to-face consultation is only possible on location in Spain.

A session takes between 1 to 2 hrs and can stand 'on its own' or you can choose to come more often. 

During a consultation all techniques can be used (thetahealing, meditation, intuitive counselling, non-violent communication, bodyscan, tarot, homeopathy, astrology). More about these techniques, follow this link).

You can also choose to use 1 specific technique, or you can want to let out a specific technique, because you're not comfortable with it.

All of this is possible.

 When you want to consult me through skype or whatsapp , to talk about possibilities, etc, that is possible too. 

For more information, contact me. 
A counselling session of 1 hour is 80 euro, to a maximum of 120 euro, when the session runs longer. This applies to all counselling (relationship counselling, clearvoyance, pregnancy consultation).


It is possible to get 1 or more questions answered through mail (maximum 3 questions). 

When you send a recent picture of yourself, I focus on you and answer your questions from a clearvoyant/intuitive part of myself. I can tune into a situation, an event, a friend, a family member or child, a deceased one and also into a physical situation. If I need more information, I will send you a return email with a couple of questions as soon as possible.
You will receive your answers within 24 hours.  
Another option is a tarot spread as an answer to 1 questions. This can be, for instance, a question about a choice between 2 options for which you need more information. Another example could be that you are in a situation and you wish to know which way it is headed (on the short term).
I will send you back a picture of the tarot spread, with my explanation. 
My mailaddress is ''.

For answering the 3 questions, I ask 50 euro.
For a tarotspread, I ask 30 euro.
For a mix of both; 60 euro. 


In my work as a midwife I often heard from my clients that I had 'saved their relationship'.

Of course it is impossible for anyone to 'save' the relationship of someone. But it is possible however, when both partners are motivated, to come a whole lot closer together than you might have ever thought realistic. 

If you don't understand each other very well, or find it hard to reach the other, or have any other reason to come for a talk, you are welcome.

For relationship therapy it is the same as with the other consultations. I use one or more methods that seem appropriate. Under this link you can find more about the methods.

Sometimes I notice that people are uncomfortable if I use my clearvoyancy. Please mention this, because it can be done without.

Also mention if you want me to use a certain method or even if you want me to teach you a certain method.



In these individual learning sessions -meditating, thetahealing and other ways to bring issues to light- will come by.

It is relatively easy to learn how to meditate and to start 'seeing' things in your own body and mind and solve them. Some people are born into clairvoyancy and don't lose the ability along the way, but it can also be developed ( or regained when you lost it).

The learning sessions take 1.5 hr per session. You can choose to take one session or more. 

After 3 individual sessions, in which you have learned to look and feel into your own body, you can start learning to look at other people (through bodyscan techniques) and use other techniques on each other in group sessions. You practice on each other in a very safe environment.

You can only book these group sessions after having done 3 individual sessions of 1.5 hrs.



The other day I saw the desperate question of a woman on my timeline on Facebook; 'who (of all my facebookfriends) is actually NOT a business consultant?!' There are indeed a lot of people doing this work (or wanting to do this work) from lots of different perspectives. This  probably means that that this kind of work is necessary? That there are a lot of companies, groups, partnerships, etc, not functioning totally optimally?

I also count myself to the group of people who is doing this work. Through my extensive experience with group work, problem solving and individual work, I can offer effective help to solve problems within a company, organisation, partnership, etc.

To really clarify an issue and solve a problem within a company, I count a period of about 2 weeks. About this timeframe and the approach, I can offer more information after an intake.

For every kind of problem there is another solution.

Sometimes a teambuilding day or days can be an option, sometimes it is more important to dive deep and add individual coaching and groupwork for instance. 

When teambuilding is the only goal, that is possible too. This can be one day or more days, depending on the question. 

I involve others in this for their specialism (for example a horse whisperer, a creative therapist, a colleague who is specialised in non-violent communication, etc).

It is possible to do this on the location of the company/the group house/a building nearby, or on our location in Spain.

The prices are dependent on the wishes. For more information contact me.